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Off to School – Photos from the Safe House

  We've just uploaded an album of photos from the SAW Safe House to our website and facebook pages - click on the links to take a look!

“Big Brother, Big Sister” project with SAW Safe House

A great memory of my school life is the “Big Brother, Big Sister” project. Whenever I think about it, I will always be proud of being part of this project. When I was a student of Institute of Academic and Practical Studies ( IAPS), the students started a small project called “Big Brother, Big Sister”, with the help of our teacher Karla and Sandra from Room to Grow. The aim of this project was to make the children happy and to make them realize that they have a community to listen their stories or problems and to sympathize with them instead of their families. We chose to do this project at SAW Safe House which is one of Room to Grow’s ...