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Cyclone Nargis: R2G Work

Room to Grow Foundation has been collecting donations for new projects over the past two months. In light of the urgent need of the people of Burma, we have decided to make a contribution from the organization to both Metta Development Foundation and to the Cholia Muslim Religious Fund Trust. In total, Room to Grow Foundation will be donating USD$1380. Want to match it? We dare you! We will be posting here information on all of our donors who wish to be recognized for their contributions to the cyclone relief efforts, so stay posted.

Cyclone Nargis: what YOU can do to help

All over the world people are in shock over the massive destruction left in the wake of Cyclone Nargis. Our helplessness in the face of this natural disaster is further compounded by the frustration of not being able to help contribute towards reconstruction. Burma has been run by a miliatary dictatorship for many years now, one which has a long habit and too much practice in lining their own pockets at the expense of the population. It's precisely for this reason that the people of Burma are in such incredible need of help. People who were struggling on the margins of subsistence have now lost what little they had. Unfortunately, sending money ...