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Lunchtime at New Blood

httpv://youtu.be/cutBTSam3qI It may not be enough food, but it's certainly enjoyed by all of these kids. For more photos of the children at New Blood, take a look at the Room to Grow Children's Foundation facebook page

Nursery Snacks

Since June 2011, Room to Grow has been providing some funding to Sky Blue School in order for the school to be able to provide a nutritious snack to children in their nursery program. Currently, under this program, children in the nursery receive a box of soy milk and some fruit three times a week. The program has two purposes. The first is to reduce malnutrition rates among children under the age of five. It is during this time that malnutrition can cause stunting which has an impact on children's mental and intellectual development for the rest of their lives. The soy milk we provide is fortified with vitamins and minerals and served with fresh ...