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R2G is a small organization with very few staff. Screening, providing orientation, training and monitoring volunteers takes a lot of time and it is not currently an organizational priority. As a result, we generally accept very few volunteers each year and we have high expectations of those we work with.

Interested volunteers should take some time to read our website and our blog and to research Mae Sot to get an idea of what kind of work we do and the conditions in which we do it. Many of the questions you might have about living in Thailand can be easily answered by spending a little time online. You may also want to investigate the Burma Volunteer Program (BVP), a group which has the sole purpose of facilitating volunteer placements along the Thai-Burma border.

R2G Volunteers are independent workers who require little supervision in order to accomplish tasks. We are a small organization with few staff and very low overheads. In general, we cannot provide volunteers with accommodation or salaries.

Please take some time to think about it. If you decide you would still like to volunteer with us, please take some time to complete your application by providing us with the following:

  • An up-to-date CV or resume
  • Contact information for two references. References which can discuss your work with children preferred.
  • A cover letter which addresses the following questions:
    • What time frame are you considering for your volunteering?
    • How firm are your plans for volunteering?
    • What skills and abilities do you feel you could bring?
    • What resources do you feel you could mobilize?
    • Based on what you have read about the organization, is there a specific area of work or project which interests you the most? Why?
    • What would you like to accomplish during your time volunteering?
    • What do you plan to do after your time volunteering has ended?

R2G volunteers in the past have contributed to a wide range of projects from teaching English to marketing income generation products. What is possible generally depends on you.

As we receive many emails expressing interest in volunteering, only those candidates who have a complete application will be considered and contacted. Please email completed applications to: info AT roomtogrowfoundation DOT org