shelter & safety

(formerly Boarding House Supply, Infrastructure, Health/Hygiene and Well-Being Programs)

Children’s basic physical safety is compromised when children live in old and decaying homes. Traditional low-income building materials, such as those used in the refugee camps and in migrant communities, need to be replaced every two years, more often when they are subject to the high physical demands of large numbers of children. Whenever possible, we aim to provide quality long-term buildings with permanent building material to ensure that children are physically safe in their boarding house homes, and have access to clean and useable toilet facilities.

Shelter is more than just the roof under which children sleep, it is also about ensuring that children are comfortable in that space. The Shelter program provides children with blankets, mats and mosquito nets when required, as well as ensuring that they have an adequate supply of underwear, and soap and hygiene supplies. Hygiene supplies are important not only for children’s comfort but also for their health and in stopping the spread of lice, scabies, ringworm and other common problems associated with children living together.

In 2011 and 2012, we will begin moving towards helping our partners implement stronger child protection measures. This will involve developing and delivering training in this area as well as working on activities which build awareness around child protection issues and begin to change local attitudes.