our objectives

All R2G programs fall under four areas:

  • Focus on Nutrition: These programs aim to reduce malnutrition and the detrimental effects of under nutrition in young children. These program aim to provide children with food and the means to produce food so that they have energy to study and play. These programs also aim to improve the education and capacity of local staff in purchasing and preparing food for children.
  • Focus on Shelter and Safety: These programs aim to improve the physical living conditions of children without parents by renovating existing buildings or constructing new shelters. These programs aim to improve living conditions by providing important supplies and materials such as underwear and hygiene supplies and blankets and mosquito nets. It also involves projects which transforms shelters into homes such as activities and supplies to promote children’s mental health and well-being
  • Focus on the Future: These programs aim to provide a long-term future for children without parents, equipping them with the skills and education they need to be successful adults. This includes support for scholarships to attend Thai schools including uniforms, tuition
  • Emergency Assistance: These projects aim to provide immediate and short term assistance in the case of an emergency such as a storm, flood, fire or refugee influx. Each situation is unique and is responded to as the circumstances require.

For more information about the program areas and our work in each area click here.