Nah Li Ah Tah


Like Maw Taw Lu, Nah Li Ah Tah is located close to the Moei River, approximately 30 kilometres out of Mae Sot. The school opened in 2001 and currently provides kindergarten to grade four education to approximately 90 children, one third of whom stay in the boarding house.

Many of the 36 boarding house students in Nah Li Ah Tah are escaping from the same dangerous circumstances in Karen State that drove children to seek shelter and safety at Maw Taw Lu. There are also many children of agricultural labourers. In addition, some of the children at Nah Li Ah Tah are from very small villages in the area, none of which have a primary school. Their homes are too far for them to travel to and from school every day, so they stay at the boarding house and see their family whenever they can.