Maw Taw Lu


Maw Taw Lu school opened in 2003. It is located approximately 30 kilometres outside Mae Sot, near the Thai village of Mae Ramat. The school provides education to approximately 125 students from kindergarten to grade six. Of those125 students, 58 stay in the boarding house full time.

The school is located quite close to the border between Thailand and Burma. As a result, the school provides a safe and stable location for children inside Burma to come and get an education. Other children live in the surrounding area. Many are the children of agricultural labourers. These workers travel extensively throughout the school year, as they follow different crops to different locations. Many children are obliged to follow their parents and as a result, get education only intermittently, often just a few months at a time here and there.

The boarding house provides children with a safe space where their education will not be interrupted by soldiers, forced labour or forced recruitment into an army. It provides children with a home while their parents are away, and a stable and continuous education. Staying at a boarding house is the only way most of these children will ever get a complete primary education.