Ler Doh Dormitory


Ler Doh dormitory, in Mae La refugee camp, was set up in 2008 in response to 50 children from Ler Doh township, Karen State coming to the border to pursue their education. It was originally intended to operate for one year however, two years later the situation in Karen State (and Ler Doh township) has worsened resulting in even more children coming to the border.

The caretakers, teachers and most importantly the students wish for this dormitory to continue next year. The students have integrated very well into the community where they are known, loved and invited to attend ceremonies. The team have demonstrated resourcefulness in their abundant vegetable garden, mushrooming, and pig rearing. Within the dormitory, the older students help take care of the younger students and with homework.

This dormitory is managed by Saw Jack and his mother and father who started the boarding house from their home. Last year students in the boarding house achieved some of the highest exam results in camp, partially as a result of the care and attention they receive from their caregivers in the dormitory. This year Room to Grow will fund the construction of new dormitory buildings which will allow the project to expand and house 70 students in 2010-2011.