Hsa Mu Htaw

Hsa Mu Htaw was founded in 2003 and has been one of Room to Grow’s partners since 2009. The school provides nursery, primary and middle school education to around 300 children and shelters 46 in the boarding house.

In 2010, Hsa Mu Htaw was unable to provide a lunch program for their students, so children were asked to bring rice and curry from home. Some were able to do so, while others were not. Mae Tao Clinic supported some dry food on a monthly basis for the school and often the teachers used their salary to buy food for hungry students.

Since 2011, Room to Grow has been supporting a lunch program at Hsa Mu Htaw, providing excellent quality lunches to all students. In addition, we provide daily snacks of milk and fruit to children in the nursery class. This is the age group most at risk for developing life-long complications from malnutrition, so daily nutritious snacks are especially important. We also provide mushroom spore bags to the school so that they can grow their own mushrooms. These are used to supplement children’s diets, with extra mushrooms sold to raise money for boarding house food. The school staff have been incredibly dedicated to the mushroom shed and as a result, they are one of the most successful school mushroom projects in the area. Their tempura mushrooms are also incredibly delicious!