In 2007, three women working for educational organizations in the refugee camps along the border between Thailand and Burma noticed a difference between two groups of children in the camp schools. Through their work, they came into contact with children who had come to the camps with their family and children who had been born inside the camps. They also worked with children who had left their family to find an education in the refugee camps and children who had lost their family to the conflict that rages inside Burma.

After working with refugee orphans and unaccompanied minors in their free time, they quickly realized that it would take a little more than volunteer work to help the children get the same level of children provided to other young people in camp.

Room to Grow Foundation grew out of their observations from camps along the Thai-Burma border and is currently based in Mae Sot, Thailand, working predominantly with children from the migrant community. In 2009, R 2 G Children’s Foundation became a registered Canadian charity, number BN 85627 6635 RR0001.