Support our work

Every year, children from Burma cross the border into Thailand looking for safety and a better life. We want to help them find the shelter they need, the education they are seeking and the childhood they deserve. You can help, too.

1. Send a cheque written out to “R2G Children’s Foundation” to:

Room to Grow Foundation
118 Hampton Circle Unit 2
Saskatoon, SASK
Canada. S7R-0C9
(306) 715-8622

2. Make a donation using Paypal (see below). Please note that when making a donation through Paypal from another Paypal account, there is no fee. When making a donation through Paypal using a credit card, Paypal will take a 5% service charge. For non-Paypal users making larger donations, we therefore suggest using another means of payment.

3. Use your online banking service to make an interac banking transfer to the email address:

4. Send us an email for our bank details and make a bank transfer.

Send a Smile! View our flier.

Choose one or more of our special holiday packages!

If your donation is a gift, please be sure to give us the recipient’s shipping address. For multiple packages, enter additional addresses in the box provided on checkout page.

**Please also use this text box to advise us where to send the tax receipt.

Super Smile – CAD$100 When you make a $100 donation in the name of a friend, family member or co-worker, they will receive six glowing smiles from children in Room to Grow programs on the Thai-Burma border. The donation will support food and nutrition programs for six children for one month, filling their bellies and making these children smile.

Glorious Grin – CAD$50 When you make a $50 donation in the name of someone you care about, that person will receive three beautiful smiles from some of the children who benefit from donations like yours. These children are trying to get an education and grow up without the help of their parents. Your donation will help feed three children for one month.

Cheery Chuckle – CAD$20 When you make a $20 donation, you help to put a smile on the face of one special child. The person who you make your donation on behalf of will receive a beautiful portrait guaranteed to light up their day and the donation will benefit one of the many children in Room to Grow programs. $20 will provide rice for child for one month and help to put a smile on their face.

Select a Send a Smile Package:

CAD$50 buys 35 children warm blankets to brave the cold mountain weather.

CAD$150 will ensure that one child receives nutritious food, shoes, clothes, candles and school supplies for a whole year.

CAD$200 will ensure that there is enough charcoal for one dormitory for a whole year so that the children do not have to look for firewood.

CAD$500 will ensure that 30 children receive candles whose light will enable them to read and study for a whole year.

CAD$1,200 will ensure that 55 children receive school uniforms.

CAD$5,000 will ensure that 80 children receive meat, fresh vegetables and fruit for a whole year.

Donation Options

We thank you for your gift. Please note that Room to Grow is a registered charity in Canada and can provide tax receipts to Canadian residents for any donation of $20 or more. In order to do so, we require the name of the person whose name will appear on the receipt and their address.

For Christmas donations, please indicate in whose name you are making the donation and the address of the intended gift recipient.

There are many ways to support our work and the children on the Thai-Burma border. Please contact us if you feel you can contribute in any other way, whether by volunteer work, in-kind donations, ideas, or simply advice and encouragement. We look forward to hearing from you.