Child Recreation Centre, Mae Tao Clinic

The Child Recreation Centre (CRC) is a new project at the Mae Tao Clinic, one facilitated by the work of Derina Johnson at Burma Border Projects. The CRC provides a space for children who are inpatients at the clinic, as well as those accompanying family members, to have fun and play. Each day has two sessions including activities such as arts and crafts; music-making; story telling and library time; free play; outside physical games and exercises; as well as learning and education around social, developmental, conflict and peace, and health and hygiene issues. The staff work in a child-centered manner, and are being trained by BBP to observe children’s psychosocial development and to work therapeutically with the children, especially those who are displaying challenging or concerning behavior. Take a look at the Burma Border Projects website to learn more about this great project.

Room to Grow is proud to support this fabulous new initiative by providing children with fortified soy milk and fruit on a daily basis.

“My little sister is sick so I came here with my mom to cure her. I didn’t know about this centre at first. Then when I was getting rice for my sister and my mom , I saw that other children were getting fruits and milk so I went to play with them. I got sometimes apples, oranges, watermelon and milk. Apples, watermelon and milk are my favorite. I can eat them very often. When I was home, I couldn’t eat this kind of fruits”

Myat (4 years old)