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Lunchtime at New Blood

httpv://youtu.be/cutBTSam3qI It may not be enough food, but it's certainly enjoyed by all of these kids. For more photos of the children at New Blood, take a look at the Room to Grow Children's Foundation facebook page

New Blood School

This year Room to Grow is working with 12 great schools, boarding houses and orphanages in and around Mae Sot. Each of these offers a home, an education and a future to unparented Burmese migrant children - yet each is also quite unique in its own special way. We hope that by focusing our blog on one of our local partners each month, we can give you a feel for where we work, the children we help, and the importance of your continuing support. So, keep checking our blog and facebook page regularly to see more news from our projects and more photos and videos of the children in Mae Sot - we hope you enjoy them! This month’s focus school is New Blood, ...