9145 – that’s the number of eggs that our wonderful supporters have provided

The Egg Campaign has ended with a total of 9145 eggs! Our wonderful supporters have generously provided funds for protein and essential nutrients for the unparented children we work with.

As part of the campaign, we threw a birthday party for one of our Board Members, Su-Ann, and asked family and friends to join in on the fun. They were asked for donations instead of gifts and their generosity was incredible!

The party was organized in collaboration with Céline who spread the word and raised a substantial amount through her network. She, Gek Lan and Chloe also worked hard on preparing and cooking tasty food. Gillian and Chloe’s pretty and tasty flower rolls and fruit salad were a big hit!

Chloe also created the wonderful graphics for the campaign and we will be offering them as a package of materials for anyone who would like to run their own Egg Campaign. Contact us and we shall provide you with ideas for fundraising as well.

Thank you once again to our supporters who cracked open their wallets and made The Egg Campaign a success!

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