The Egg Campaign

This year, we are kicking off the Easter season with The Egg Campaign. We want to raise  funds so that the  unparented migrant children we support on the Thai-Burmese border are able to eat eggs regularly.

Why eggs?

Because eggs are a good cheap source of protein, minerals and vitamins, and they are widely available.

When we first began working with unparented migrant children on the Thai-Burmese border, we found that they had skin sores, mouth ulcers and were shorter than the average height for their age. This helped us to focus our priorities on providing the basics that they are lacking. Since then, we have been providing eggs and soy milk for meals and snacks so that the children get the protein they need to be strong and healthy. 

What can you do?

  1. donate here – $30 provides 178 eggs, more than enough to meet the protein requirements of 10 year-old for a month
  2. create a fundraising event – email us and we will send you some ideas on how to do this
  3. spread the word.

So be a good egg and join us in helping unparented migrant children reach their potential!


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