An egg-cellent source of protein

The children we work with eat only 2 servings of protein a week, not enough to ensure that they reach their full potential. To this end, we provide funding for readily available sources of protein such as eggs and soy milk. 

We are a small organization and our mission is to make the biggest impact possible. That is why we target the basics. This lays down the foundations for good health and wellbeing so that these children can fulfil their potential.  

And this is where The Egg Campaign comes in. $30 – equivalent to a meal out or a bottle of wine – buys 178 eggs which provides enough protein for a child of 10 years for a month at least.  

So join us in this egg-citing venture: 

  1. donate here – $30 provides 178 eggs, more than enough to meet the protein requirements of 10 year-old for a month
  2. create a fundraising event – email us and we will send you some ideas on how to do this
  3. spread the word.

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