Hello Hay Mar San!

Hay Mar San puts on a Santa Hat for the first time in her life.

Room to Grow Foundation is absolutely delighted to welcome Nan Hay Mar San to our team. We’ve actually been working together since 2011, when she joined the staff of Burma Border Projects. Room to Grow and BBP have a long history of working in partnership, which brought us close together on many occasions, most recently to improve child protection services in Mae Sot. 

Since April, Hay Mar San has been leading our Mae Sot office and developing and improving our child protection program. She is a woman with a passion for improving mental health services, particularly as they related to children and trauma and her dream is to be able to provide counselling services to children and their families to support and promote recovery. 

When she isn’t meeting with community partners and supporting their case management for child protection issues, Hay Mar San is leading psycho-social play sessions with children, mentoring interns, and training community workers to better identify and respond to children in distress. 

Please join us in welcoming our newest superhero to the R2G team: Welcome Hay Mar San!

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