Birthday Bash Bonanza

Celebrating Ainsley’s birthday with friends.

In September this year, Morley Jones turned 7, and his sister Ainsley, turned 10. Like many kids their age, they each threw a birthday party and their friends arrived bearing gifts. After a great day of birthday cake, games and laughter, they cleaned up all the wrapping paper and looked at what they got. There were five big sacks of rice, weighing a total of 1,250 kilograms (the same as a fat walrus). They also got 15 mosquito nets, 15 blankets, 6 pairs of shoes, 45 pairs of underwear, and enough soap, shampoo and toothpaste to last a few years. The 45 pairs of underwear will be divided up so that each child gets three pairs each.

Neither Ainsley nor Morley are particularly dirty and they certainly don’t need all those pairs of underwear for themselves!

This year, after learning a bit about how children in other parts of the world live, especially children without families, Morley and Ainsley asked their friends to make donations to Room to Grow to help buy basic necessities for children, instead of bringing them games and toys.

Morley said: “I gave my birthday money to the kids because the kids didn’t have enough food, underwear, clothes and mosquito nets to help them not get malaria. This made me feel good because I want them to have a better life.”

Both birthday parties had all the usual fun and games and there were birthday cakes and great food and a lot of fun. R2G made fun invitations for all the guests telling them about the party and giving different options of donations and what it would mean for children in Thailand.

According to Ainsley: “I feel good that I gave the money to help the kids because I think they needed the presents more than I did. I am happy that I could share my birthday with them. I hope they enjoy the gifts.”

Don’t worry, no one actually hauled all that rice over to the Jones house! Instead, families provided donations to R2G in Canada and our volunteers in Mae Sot, Thailand, will be buying and delivering the items in December. We’ll be sharing photos here of the deliveries, so stay tuned and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to involved in R2G through a party of your own.

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