2014 Highlights

The R2G Annual Report 2014 is now available, but here are the juicy bits.

This year, a total of 800 children in 14 partner programs benefited from our services. This year we concentrated on solidifying partnerships and providing quality services to four core partners, who accounted for most of our work.

2014 Cover

The main focus of our programs in 2014 was supporting access to the Thai educational system. A total of 388 children received support from R2G to attend Thai schools.

We distributed more than 12,000 cartons of fortified soy milk, primarily to young children in day care and play sessions, helping to improve their nutrition and their lifelong ability to learn.

We distributed over 3,000 pairs of underwear, making sure that children go to school in comfort and dignity.

Over 700 children slept warmer at night thanks to a new blanket provided by R2G.

Through our cooperation with Burma Border Projects, we funded over 130 hours of psycho-social activities for children without parents.

2014 was a good year and we’ve been busy in 2015. Look for a new website that’s under development and should be ready this year. We’ve been busy delivering pads and soap and hygiene supplies, as well as underwear and blankets. We’ve also been working with the wonderful young leaders and Wide Horizons program in Mae Sot on a range of new projects for young people. There’s a lot to be excited about this year, and in the years to come.

Thanks to all the wonderful people who support the work at R2G. We function because of an amazing group of volunteers who provide their time and talents and who are dedicated to making the lives of children better in whatever way they can. Whether its a donation of $10 that buys a chicken for our new chicken farm or the moment it takes to forward this message onto a friend and spread the word, every little bit counts, and for a child trying to get an education without a family, every blanket helps, every pair of shoes helps, every repair to the roof helps to make the world a little warmer and a little safer and a little bit better place to live.

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