“Big Brother, Big Sister” project with SAW Safe House

A great memory of my school life is the “Big Brother, Big Sister” project. Whenever I think about it, I will always be proud of being part of this project. When I was a student of Institute of Academic and Practical Studies ( IAPS), the students started a small project called “Big Brother, Big Sister”, with the help of our teacher Karla and Sandra from Room to Grow. The aim of this project was to make the children happy and to make them realize that they have a community to listen their stories or problems and to sympathize with them instead of their families. We chose to do this project at SAW Safe House which is one of Room to Grows partners because as you know SAW have a lot of orphans. We worked with 18 children aged between 7 and 13 from SAW every Saturday. Each IAPS student had responsibility for two children to make them happy. We spent 2 hours with these children in SAW school’s campus. We would spend half hour on group activities and left half hour on individual activity with our two children. In individual time, we shared our stories, problems, joys and activities in their school. As for IAPS students, we gave advice to the children if they had problems and taught the children what they wanted to learn. They asked sometime the things that even we don’t know. However, we tried to learn it to teach them because we wanted to see their smiles and happiness. We are kind of like their adopted older sisters and brothers.

The most enjoyable part of this project was when I taught two children how to create tissue flowers. I had never been interested in making this kind of stuff before I met with them. When they asked me to teach them how to make it, I realized that oh I couldn’t do it because I have never had experience and I don’t know to do it. However, the motivation of the children won my mind and brought me to learn new things to teach them. Even though I have now started a new page of my life, I still have a chance to meet with the children because R2G have scholarship program, nutritious food program and well being activity at SAW Safe House. Whenever, I see the children, it reminds me of my school life again. Thank you IAPS and R2G for helping these children.

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