Learning from Experience

I was really excited when I heard that we were going to visit to New Blood, which has been one of our great partner schools for two years. The school was founded by a Burmese migrant teacher in 2003 to aid Burmese migrant and refugee children who have little chance to study in Thailand. There are about 450 students including 172 boarding students attending this school. I interviewed some interesting students and teachers there. I learnt very unique things from my experience and the students’ and teachers’ points of view. Some people might think that having education is perfect for Burmese migrant and refugee children but actually I learned from the students at New Blood that we are missing the most important thing, which is having daily nutritious food. I am pretty sure that we all know very well about the feeling of being hungry and having no energy. Can you imagine children feeling like that every day? If children don’t have enough nutritious food for a long time, they can’t focus on their studies or what they are doing. The lives of children on the Thai- Burma boarder are unstable because their parents might not have jobs everyday. They might not think about the importance of nutritious food for their children because of just struggling to alive in Thailand. Most of the children at New Blood are in this kind of situation. In this case, having nutritious food is really valuable to the children. Room to Grow helps by providing monthly food projects, including providing nutritious food, beans and mushrooms to New Blood. This stops children feeling hungry, and it also helps them to study and get an education.

With the support of our donors, we hope to assist New Blood as much as we can in the coming years by providing nutritious food. Room to Grow is making a difference for Burmese migrant and refugee children’s lives here, and I am happy to be part of it.

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