Journey to Heavenly Home

     Thinking about my last week, I couldn’t even smile because I visited some schools and listened to the children’s stories. Before I started working with R2G, I didn’t hear a lot about the Burmese migrant children’s lives even though I used to be a teacher in Good Morning School.  I knew just a small group of children in Mae Sot before but now I know a lot more than that. I felt sorry for the children and I was so sad too. However, I learned a lot things about children in my first work experience with R2G.

When I stepped onto “Heavenly Home” orphanage grounds, it was so silent and I didn’t hear any sounds or voice of the children. I thought that maybe they were sleeping but when I saw them, they just got up from their beds and they looked at us very curiously. I went to this home with our programme manager in the afternoon and she told me everything about it. When I saw the children who live at Heavenly Home, I didn’t realize they are orphans because they are so cute and adorable.  Meanwhile, some kind of query appeared in my mind like how their parents can leave them.

Heavenly Home is one of the orphanages  in Mae Sot and there are about 50 children. Most of the children are from Mae Tao Clinic where they are left by their parents and some of them are orphans. When they saw me for the very first time, they looked like a little bit shy and they didn’t talk to me. I tried to have a chat with them like asking their names and some kind of question to build their trust.  However, they couldn’t tell their names because they are so young and all about 1 year old but they still tried to chat with me. They really liked to take photos and asked me like “Woo, u…” and pointed to the camera. It was quite funny and I interpreted their answers by myself like “what is this “.I noticed that they don’t have a lot toys to play with, how it was sad but I am very glad to hear that R2G is providing them some weekly activities to have fun and will hopefully give some support to these children to go to Thai schools. I realize that R2G will be a great partner with Heavenly Home very soon. I feel really great being a part of R2G and I am deeply honored to work with R2G.

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  • Freyja
    May 15, 2012 (10:03 am)

    Great article Thae Thae, I guess most of us have no idea what it’s like to be an orphan in the Burma migrant community.

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