Mushroom Project Updates in 2012

In 2011-2012 academic year, R2G and TCT provided six mushroom huts and 19,850 spore bags at eight programs. We supply mushroom spore bags to every program three months a round, and there are four rounds a year. Every program got large amount of mushrooms in each round as well as getting a lot of knowledge, creative ideas and income from the mushroom project. Two programs are in Mae La Ma plantation areas, five programs are near Mae Sot and one program is in Umpiem Refugee camp.

All programs provide mushrooms to boarding students as well as providing for the day students who come to the school during the week. Children like mushrooms, so cooks from each program cook mushrooms in many different ways such as making tempura mushrooms, fried mushrooms with morning glory, mushroom salad and mushroom soup.

Besides, children benefited a lot from the mushroom project through gaining participation skills, leadership skills and critical thinking skills. Some boarding children from Hsa Mu Htaw have a new idea to grow mushrooms with car tyres. At the same time, they also have some ideas to sell tempura mushrooms at the Sunday market (walking street market) every Sunday. Because of the mushroom project, children have a lot of creative ideas to make more income for their boarding houses.

New Blood School post-ten students also have new idea to make their own mushroom hut.  So, they will get knowledge about growing mushrooms and project management skills as well as getting income for their food and school funds.

These are good and creative ideas to get income for the boarding houses as well as gaining experience by running the mushroom projects. By supporting children’ ideas, it will be very helpful for children’s practical lives and it will be useful for the boarding house leaders as well.

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