Blankets for Cold Season

In December, the Early Learning Center sent 235 blankets, 4000 toothbrush and toothpaste sets, 37 towels, some toys, clothing and babies’ things to R2G. We delivered these to nine programs that we work with. This season is so cold, and children need more blankets. Most of the students from each program don’t have toothbrushes either. ELC’s donation of blankets and toothbrushes was so beneficial for the students. We have some toothbrushes left, so R2G is going to provide them again in the next three months as well as giving them to the other programs we work with.

One program is in Mae La camp, and it is so cold there during winter. Children from that program didn’t have enough blankets before. When we delivered the blankets to them, they all were so happy. Likewise, one of the other programs doesn’t have thick walls in one of the dormitories. So during winter, it is very windy and children who sleep in that building can’t sleep well. The head teacher said,

“When children got the blankets from R2G, they all were happy and they said that they got thick and warm blankets, so they can sleep and study well now. They use them not only for sleeping but also for studying.”

When we delivered tooth brushes to one program, they said they don’t have toothbrushes, and they brush their teeth with charcoal. They also don’t know how to use toothbrushes. So, we demonstrated to them how to use a toothbrush. One of the students said,

“This is the first time that I have had a toothbrush, and I don’t know how to use it. I always use charcoal to brush my teeth.”

He also said that he lives near the landfill and some of his family use charcoal to brush their teeth, while others don’t brush their teeth at all. So, providing toothbrushes and education how to use a toothbrush is so important for children who have never used one in their lives.

R2G would like to thank ELC for sending the blankets and toothbrushes for the children who we work with. It was so useful for the children who didn’t have enough blankets and who have never used toothbrushes in their lives. Our children now have clean teeth and healthy, warm and happy lives in the classrooms. Thanks ELC!

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