Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Yesterday was one of those rare days that overflows with blessings.

In the morning, a truck pulled up at the office and unloaded about 200 blankets, 4000 toothbrushes and several boxes of assorted goods (towels, children’s clothes, baby’s items, toys). We got to sweating unloading them all from the truck and stacking them inside the office, but I couldn’t help but laughing out loud several times during the process. It was like Santa had arrived with his sleigh only it wasn’t Santa, it was the kids who attend the Early Learning Centre – a group of schools for children in Bangkok.  Before leaving for the holidays, students there brought in blankets for less privileged children and their combined efforts resulted in Santa’s sleigh arriving in Mae Sot yesterday.

In all the giving, I particularly noticed three boxes marked from Jack and Grace. These two children provided three boxes full of goods for children and it looks like they raided their house to do so. They cleaned out their closet, provided toys, both new and used, and filled three boxes full of presents for children they had never met before.

The day of giving wasn’t even finished yet. In the afternoon we stopped by the post office and came home with three very large boxes from Sister Maria Goretti Catholic Primary School in the UK.  The boxes were full of gifts brought in by students there and sent off by mail to us here on the border. The boxes had fun things inside like toys and games, but also practical and very needed school supplies, such as pencils and notepaper. Both gifts will be well received by children here.

They say that there is no gift like giving – but what I know is true is that very little lights up my heart like seeing other people give, especially when they give from their hearts. To see so many children giving to other children at a time when a lot of kids are excited about getting gifts is such a beautiful thing. And to know that this Christmas a lot of children who receive very little at all for most of the year will be opening some presents – it all made for a very beautiful day.

The Room to Grow team will be heading out to several boarding houses in the next few days, to share the holiday celebrations and to distribute the wonderful gifts that we have received from our friends in Thailand and the UK. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, lit up by the joy of giving and recieving and full of laughter, love and smiles.

Happy Holidays from Room to Grow!

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