New Staff for a New Year

Room to Grow Foundation has two new staff that started work in Mae Sot in November this year.

Sandra Jones has been on the R2G Board of Directors since its inception, but recently left her home in Kelowna to join the field team in Mae Sot. She will take up the position of Executive Director on January 1st 2012.

The current Executive Director , Jennifer Jones, will be stepping down from her position and leaving Mae Sot at the end of January. She will remain on the Board of Directors and continue to be involved with the organization.

After a long and difficult selection process, which involved reviewing over 200 candidates, Room to Grow hired Joanna Flint as our new Program Coordinator.

This is how she describes herself:

A little over seven years ago, during my first university vacation, I spent several weeks volunteering at an orphanage in Bulgaria. Spending time playing with the kids, learning their stories and showing them some love and affection brought home to me how much some children have to go through so young, how strong they can be and how little it can take to help them realise their dreams.

Seven years later, after graduating, completing my Masters in International Education and Development and working on the ground in Bulgaria, I have moved on, and intend to use the skills and experience I have gained to be the next Programme Co-ordinator for Room to Grow.

There’s a lot to learn about the situation of migrant children, boarding houses and orphanages on the Thai-Burma border, but it’s an exciting new page in my life! So many children across the world have been orphaned, abandoned or separated from their parents, and I firmly believe that they deserve time to play and just be children, as well as the opportunity of a quality education that will help them to fulfil their potential and realise their dreams. I hope that in a small way, my time here in Mae Sot will help make this happen.


With Joanna and Sandra on the Mae Sot team, it is looking like a strong year for Room to Grow in 2012. We all look forward to working together with the children, the boarding houses, and with future volunteers, new supporters and everyone who has been with us encouraging and helping us do our work over the past years.

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