Simple Dreams

Room to Grow is in its second year of supporting programs at a home for orphaned and abandoned children run by our partner, Social Action for Women. In addition to providing some food for the 54 children living in the home, we also support the costs of sending 13 children to Thai school. The program costs about $450 CDN per year per child, or $38 per month. As part of the program, we do regular art and play activities with the children and send photos and artwork to those who sponsor them, along with short updates about the progress of the child in school.

Nobel was at the home this weekend and she spent some time with our sponsored children, doing some drawing activities and speaking to the children about what they drew. Many of them drew the home that they dream about having. They live with 53 other children in a house that could be a lot bigger and which doesn’t have any grass to play on, so its easy to see why they imagine green hills, sunny skies and beautiful playgrounds.

While one little boy dreams about having his own airplane (“One that is not too big,” he says, “but it can carry me.”), most of the children’s dream homes are so simple, it touches the heart. One little girl has a sister who is older and who has to work. She draws a big chicken and a little chicken who spend their day together loving each other and chasing butterflies.

And one little girl dreams about having a mother who is so busy taking care of two siblings, and a father who has a job as a construction worker. She dreams that she is the one who helps everyone by bringing in money selling roses. She could dream of anything, of any luxury or lifestyle, but that’s what she dreams of: a hard and busy life where she’s part of a family that lives and works together. Its so simple and small a dream, and still so far from her reality, that it makes me want to cry.

“My dream house is beside the stream. If I across that stream, I arrive to my rose garden. I also grow some roses in front of my dream house. I like to grow roses. Sometimes, in my dream, people come and buy some roses, so I sell them. When I got money, I pay it to my parents. My mother would tell me, “Oh! Daughter, you are very smart, we are very lucky that we have you.” I am the oldest daughter, so I would help my mother. I dream that my mother is taking care of my younger brothers and sisters. I dream that my father is working at the construction site. So, I would grow flowers and make money for my parents, in my dream.”

— (Name Unpublished, 12 years old)

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