Vote for $25,000 for R2G and the Uplift Initative

Room to Grow Foundation, working together with our partner, Khom Loy Development Foundation, are in the running for a $25,000 grant as part of Project Inspire. We have been chosen as one of ten finalists in competition for the grant. You can help by taking a few moments to head to the website below and vote for our project – the Uplift Initiative. If you have more than a few moments, please forward the link and the news onto your friends and encourage them to vote.

Please click here to vote.

Our thanks in advance for your attention and for taking the time to vote.

Our project targets women living on Mae Sot’s landfill community. It provides them with a safe space to come and work on small income generation projects. While participating in these projects, women will also receive training on basic financial literacy concepts, helping them to save and budget their funds more wisely. The training sessions are designed to help encourage women with initiative and ideas to make plans for small business ventures supported by our staff’s advice, guidance and by small grants. We’ll be periodically holding events in the community which showcase and celebrate those women who take risks and succeed in their endeavors. Our hope is to provide members of the community with a hand up out of poverty, with the means to improve their quality of life enough to afford to send their children to school, and possibly with the means to make a move off the landfill and towards a better life. You can learn more about the project and the landfill community by watching our five minute video submission to Project Inspire, and you can help us to win the grant by putting in your vote for the Uplift Initiative.

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