Team G&T run for R2G

  People sometimes wonder, “what can one person do to change the world?” Australians Grace, Tania, Simon & Ranelle have decided that the answer to that question is to take it one step at a time.

Grace, Tania, Simon & Ranelle form Team G&T, a small group of friends who get together when they can, go for a jog, have a chat, do some training and then get together to run a marathon somewhere in the world, raising money for a worthy cause while they are at it.

Their first half marathon was one of the world’s most challenging: the Great Wall of China. They had friends and family sponsor each step of the way making their  finish not only a personal triumph but also a charitable cause.

On June 25th this year, Team G&T will be taking on the lions and running against the gazelles in a South African game park. They will be competing in the Big 5 Half Marathon and every step they take will be bringing in funds to feed children here on the border between Mae Sot and Thailand.

The team’s goal is to raise $6,000 for Room to Grow which will feed a lot of children this year. When you sponsor team G&T, this is where your donation goes:

  • $5AUD = multi vitamins for one child for one year
  • $10AUD = rice and protein for a child for one month (rice and yellow lentils) / Basic nutrition
  • $15AUD = one month of school lunches for a child
  • $20AUD = a set of clothing for a child (two school uniforms, underwear and sandals)
  • $60AUD = nutritious snacks for 10 nursery school students for one month
  • $100AUD = living supplies for 10 children (sleeping mats, blankets and mosquito nets)
  • $150AUD = school rent for a month
  • $450AUD = cost of sending one Burmese child to Thai school for a year

The team is busy training and getting ready to head to South Africa in the upcoming weeks. Anyone making a donation by paypal, please be sure to send a note or an email letting us know its in support of the marathon so we can keep track of the donations and see if the team reaches their goal: four people running 21.2kms and bringing in enough money to feed 50 children for a full year. Good luck team!

Team G&T at the finish line of the Great Wall of China Marathon

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