Snowflakes and Smiles


Girls from some of the boarding houses in Mae Sot have been busy tatting this year in preparation for the holidays. On the weekends and in the evenings, they craft these beautiful snowflake ornaments from cotton. The snowflakes are mounted on handmade mulberry paper from Chiang Mai as cards, but can be easily removed to hang on a Christmas tree or in a window.

Room to Grow is sending these cards out this year as part of our Christmas Campaign to raise money for food and nutrition programs for children in 2011.  When you make a donation in someone’s name this year, they will receive one of these handmade cards, as well as prints of glowing smiles from children in R2G programs. The photographs, taken by Jason Miller, are simply stunning and are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of anyone who sees them.

For more information, check out our flyer, read the blog, or go to the website to donate. You can also email  us ( if you have any questions. We can only provide tax receipts for residents of Canada, but we send cards and smiles anywhere in the world.

Happy holidays from Room to Grow.



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