Agape Singing Angels

The Agape singing Angels are out on the Mae Sot streets every night for hours on end, singing their lovely songs and trying to raise money for an excellent Christmas dinner. I went singing with them for four hours on Wednesday night.


Last night their plans to raise enough money for a good meal ran into some trouble. Full of kids, the headmaster was pulling out onto the road to head to back to the school for the night (it was after 10pm), when a motorcycle took the corner behind him at high speed, ignored David’s signal, and crashed into the truck. Luckily no one was hurt, but the driver of the motorcycle turned out to be a police officer so much drama ensued. The police officer took the whole truck full of sleepy kids to the police station and proceeded to extort the headmaster out of the whole evening’s worth of donations. The children sing their hearts out for four hours every night for ten nights to make their Christmas supper and instead of seeing a truck full of hard working, motivated children, he saw an opportunity to take something from vulnerable people with no documentation. Easy money, taking food from the mouth’s of children. Despite the setback, the Angels will be out on the town for the next week and since you can’t be here to see them, I will bring them to you. This last song, often sung at the end of the caroling, is a Burmese Christmas song that asks for the blessings of Christmas to come to you and your home. Merry Christmas.


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