Rumors are what conflict situations are all about. There is no other kind of information during this kind of time except for what you see with your own eyes. Everything else is a rumor and the rumors inevitably fly. Even every kind of news broadcast is mostly rumor. Figures seem to get invented or exaggerated and vary widely. Even things you see and hear can have many meanings and meaning is elusive. The same newspaper article reports three different and conflicting things and this is news?

So this is not news, these are the things we hear floating around in the air.

There seemed to be no fighting today in Myawaddy. The rumor is that the DKBA faction fighting yesterday has withdrawn into the surrounding mountains and jungle.

We heard from several sources today that land routes to Myawaddy have been closed or destroyed including the bridge at Pa-an. This is supposedly to force the SPDC in by air.

But as we come home this evening, news arrives that the town opposite Pho Phra is burning. It seems at this moment that the people there who wish to flee are not being allowed into Thailand.

Down further south, we heard yesterday that the DKBA had taken Three Pagodas Pass and that  there was fighting there. Rumors are unclear (as they usually are) about the number of refugees crossing there. Perhaps a thousand, perhaps several.

What is happening at the border areas further north? We haven’t heard anything.

What will happen tomorrow? Who can tell.

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