Introduction about our Mushroom Project

Introducing about our Mushroom Project

Hle Bee Mushroom house in Mae Sot

Do you know the mushroom project in Maesot area? Room to Grow Foundation, Women with a Mission and Thai Children’s Trust support some schools and boarding houses for the mushroom project in Maesot area. Most of the schools and boarding houses in Maesot area have many difficult situations for the food for the boarding houses and schools students. Some boarding houses, they have lots of students in their boarding houses, but they don’t have any organization for their food budget, so the students who stay in these kinds of boarding houses can’t eat meat, egg and the other expensive vegetables such as mushroom which is a little bit expensive in Maesot. Also, some schools in Maesot, they have lunch program for the school students, but some don’t. If they have mushroom house, they can sell mushroom and buy fish or egg for the children, so they can eat meat one or two time per week. By eating mushroom, the students can get protein and also they can eat very often if they have mushroom house because if we grow one time, we can get the mushroom within three months. So, our purpose for supporting mushroom houses to the schools and boarding houses is to give the adequate food for the children and the extra income for the schools and boarding houses to buy their needs.

For the first time, lots of mushrooms come out from the spore bags.

Sharing Our Past Activities

Last year, Women with a Mission supported six mushroom houses to the schools and boarding houses in Maesot area.

One of the schools, Future Garden which was supported the mushroom house by Women with a Mission; they have 15 students who are staying at the school. They can’t go back to their home because very far from the school, but their parents are supporting money 300 or 400 baht for every month. So, when they got the mushroom, they sold and used this money for those children. Sometimes they give and treat the volunteer who help for the school. Here is some interview with the Future Garden principal. You can imagine that how successful the mushroom project is?

“Next one or two month, our school has to move to other place, so we have to leave our old mushroom house. I want to get the new mushroom house again. I wish Women with a Mission give me new mushroom house. If Women with a Mission support our school again, not only me but also the students will be very happy for that.”
N NW (Principal)
Future Garden School (Km-33)

It sounds like mushroom houses is the essential need for the school students who stay in the school. Here is the other school interview, Hle Bee School. We got the valuable information from this school because some people think that we can eat only the fresh mushroom and we can’t dry it.

“Now we have some mushroom seed bags left, but we got 2 kilos around 3 or 4 days, we can dry and keep it. We can cook vermicelli with dry mushroom and also we can sell it, the dry mushroom is very expensive in everywhere.”

“Sometimes I don’t dare to enter inside the mushroom house because

the snakes stay inside the mushroom house, but I want to pick up mushroom. Even I am afraid of snake; I love to pick up mushroom, so I enter inside very often and pick up mushroom.”

DT Z HH (Principal)
Hle Bee School

Our Activities and Plans for This Year

In Hle Bee School, they make the dry mushroom

Now, we are surveying for the new mushroom project for this year. We make survey with 60 schools and boarding houses in Maesot area. According to our survey, almost all of the schools and boarding houses are interested in our project. Our plan is we will start to implement our project on July. A number of schools, they don’t have any places to get the extra food for the children and also they are very far from the town and some schools and boarding houses, they have only a few organizations to support food budget for them, very low amount. So, we will give priority for those kinds of schools and boarding houses. We will give them training and then we will support the mushroom houses and also mushroom seed bags for them. During the project, we will monitor and evaluate them. If they have some problems which concerned with the mushroom, we will solve together with them. For the mushroom seed bags, we will support them for the first three months one time and second three months another time. We hope that if they got the mushroom houses and mushroom, not only they can treat the children but also they can sell it and they can buy their need for their schools and boarding houses. By implementing our project, we also hope that we can fill the gaps which are the necessary need of the communities.

Community Views from our Survey

“We will know how to grow the mushroom and then it will effect as a good benefit to teachers and students.”
N CA (Maw Taw Lu)

“Not only we will get the profit but also we can get improvement from this project.” “Also, wherever and whenever, we can use it.”
L LW (Parami)

“Very interested in growing mushroom, it will be benefit for the students.”

“It will be very useful and valuable for the students and teachers. We can get vocational training and we can apply in the future for our lives.”
H L K (New Blood Boarder)

“We will get the experience and good profit for students.”
D M N (Agape)

“We want to attend this training; we can get the benefit from Agriculture.”
KMS (Moe Ma Kha)

As people can take the advantage and benefit from the Agriculture, people can help the need in the communities by sharing their experiences and knowledge. In this situation, not only the teachers but also the students can apply practically in the future of their lives.

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