Room to Grow Foundation would like to welcome its first volunteers this month. Almost all of the work we do is on a voluntary basis. We currently provide salaries only to local staff members and all international workers provide their time and expertise for free. Without volunteers we wouldn’t be able to do anything, so their work is greatly appreciated.

Diane visited us in Mae Sot in January this year to learn more about the situation of children on the Thai-Burma border. She went back to British Colombia, Canada, ready to work and has been busy telling people in Canada about the situation here.

Nick joined us here in Mae Sot at the end of May and has jumped right in, literally getting his feet wet as he hit the ground running just as the rains started this year. Nick is working on his MBA at the University of Illinois and will be helping with our income generation projects.

Sandra has been on the Board of Directors since Room to Grow started and has been helping with things on the Canadian end. She will be joining us in Thailand in June to get some hands-on experience with all of our projects. In particular, her expertise as an Occupational Therapist will be of great use in her work with children affected by cerebral palsy at the Star Flower Learning Center.

Blogs have been unfortunately few and far between over the last year, but keep posted to learn more as these new members join our team and help contribute to all of our work, including this blog!

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