New Project: Ler Doh Dormitory

In August this year, Room to Grow received a request for assistance from Ler Doh dormitory, in Mae La Refugee Camp. The dormitory houses 59 students, most of whom left their families inside Burma to seek and education and is in the second year of operations.

The dormitory was originally set up as an ‘emergency dormitory’ for students who had no family or friends to stay with in the camp. For the most part the students come from Burma, in Karen state. While the students’ educational and economic backgrounds are quite varied, they are all committed to education. Initially, it was thought that only thirty students would come, however the number increased to fifty, and this year there are 59 students.

The boarding house was experiencing an unusually high number of malaria and dengue fever cases among the students in June and July. Both diseases are mosquito-born and can be easily prevented by sleeping under mosquito nets. Unfortunately, mosquito nets were something the dormitory didn’t have and couldn’t afford.

The dormitory was also in need of blankets for the children staying there, and we were able to provide funds for those also. This is a message from the caregiver at Ler Doh Dormitory:Getting the Goods

“The students are ever so grateful for these materials. In particular the mosquito nets provide much needed prevention from malaria and dengue fever. Reports for August tell us that all students are healthy.”

The students at Ler Doh dorm would like to say a big Thank You everyone who supports Room to Grow from their cozy blankets, under their safe mosquito nets. We, in turn, would like to wish them good health and good luck on their upcoming exams!

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