The Forgotten Birthdays Party

Last month, there was a large birthday party at one of the migrant schools in Mae Sot. The headmistress celebrated her birthday and provided cakes to every child also celebrating their birthday on the same day. There were about twenty cakes in all and over a hundred people came to the ceremony. Among those invited were the children from Agape school and they performed a beautiful song wishing everyone a happy birthday, then sat quietly in the crowd watching the celebrations and watching the lucky children eat their cake.

I sat next to David, Agape’s headmaster, for most of the ceremony. They get invited to sing at a lot of ceremonies but suddenly I wondered how many people came to their birthday parties.

“How many children know when their birthday is?” I whispered to David.

“Almost none of them,” he replied. “Some don’t know how old they are at all.”

“Have they ever had a birthday party?” I asked, already knowing the answer. “Do you think they would like one?”

“I think most children at Agape have never had a birthday party or a birthday cake,” David said. “But I think they would really, really, really like one.”

So that settled it. We began planning.

And now it’s time to invite you to join us for the Forgotten Birthdays Party. We are going to be celebrating 51 birthdays on October 31st and we’d love for you to join us in whatever way you can.

Our goal is to make the day as special as we can for each individual child. We are celebrating the birthday of 50 children (the 51st birthday is my own), aged 2 years to 14 years. We’ll be providing each child with a cake of their own, with their name on it in icing. I’d also like to give each child a small gift and a birthday card. If you have time to send even a home made card, a small note, some stickers – anything you think would be special for a child, I know these contributions will be warmly appreciated.

Please send cards and gifts to: PO Box 96. Mae Sot, Tak. Thailand. 63110.

Please join us for the celebration on the afternoon of October 31st, if you are able. We will be playing games, eating food, singing songs and doing a little dancing and the more the merrier. Contact me for more information. An invitation with a map will be available soon (

Happy birthday to all!

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