Underwear for Thought

In light of our upcoming fundraising campaigns, underwear has been on my mind a lot.  Before you think anything crude, one of our upcoming campaigns is for underwear.  Not for me, thanks, I have lots.  But have you ever wondered what orphaned or unaccompanied refugees and migrants wear under their clothes?  Is it anything at all?  And if nothing, how do they feel?  The same way you or I would feel when going solo? Or would it not bother them at all?

And if you had five bucks to:

a)    Buy food

b)    Buy underwear

c)     Buy shoes

d)    Buy a roof over your head

e)    Buy a blanket

Which would you choose to spend your fiver on first?   Would you buy food before underwear?

Probably.  But that doesn`t mean you wouldn`t want to wear underwear, does it?  It just means you might have some different priorities. 

At Room to Grow Foundation, some of the funding we have acquired has gone towards supplying underwear in the past, but not for every project.  Until we started working more with the projects, we didn`t realize just how important this small piece of material was, and so we tended to emphasize the other basic necessities.

We now see the error of our ways, and would now like to give ALL the children in the projects we support the opportunity to wear underwear.  We don`t want to see the underwear, we just want to know it`s there.

We`ll be calling on potential donors to help support this cause.  For the price of a pretty piece of lingerie from Victoria Secret, you can buy underwear for a child for ONE YEAR.

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