Student Voices (January 2009)

Students in various dorms were asked to comment on the project in January. Here are some of their responses:Cooking Curry in the Kitchen

“I think it is very helpful that you support food and candles. Now we can eat meat two days per week. We’ve got curry with chicken, meat balls and eggs on special curry days. We also get a lot of vegetables like cucumber, pumpkin and tomatoes. Since school started we’ve eaten pork one time. Sometimes we eat beef but I don’t like to eat beef.” NNT (Day Chae’s Dormitory)

“I am in grade twelve. I’ve reviewed my lessons for every subject and I think I will pass the exam [at the end of February]. Science and English are very difficult. I like the food here but sometimes I miss the kind of chili and vegetables we have in my village.”  HL (Day Chae’s Dormitory)

“I’m seventeen years old and I attend grade 12. I’ve been here [in Umphium] for one year. I try to review every single subject. I want to be an interpreter in the future. Small children ask me to explain the lessons that they don’t understand to them. I’ll look after them. We have not so bad food. We eat meat two or three times in one week. Sometimes we eat vegetables or beans in the morning and egg or fish in the evening.”  KPM (Kyaw Kyaw’s Dormitory)


“I’m 16 years old and I’m in grade 10. I don’t understand the teacher’s explanations in class and I need to ask questions many times. Burmese subject is easy for me but Thai, Karen and Math and Science and difficult. Sometimes I don’t want to ask teachers any questions because they explain to me only in Sgaw Karen and I don’t understand it too much. We’ve got better food here now. I like it when we eat dried fish, fish balls, eggs and fish.”  MSA (Kyaw Kyaw’s Dormitory)

“I’m 20 years old and I attend a post-ten school. There are not a lot of problems where I study. I like to study. I want to work on the Thai-Burma border. Some of the students in this dorm have a problem with Math. I sometimes help them. Some children never get pocket money from their parents. But we get meat twice a week, or three times a week like pork, chicken, fish and eggs.”   TB (Than Hla’s Dormitory)Cooking in Saw Tu's Dorm

“I’ve been here for two years. I’m happy to study. Math and English are problems for me. Math is worse than English. I miss my parents very much. I want to go back and visit my village. Now I start to copy my lessons from my friends. In the evening I sometimes play and sometimes cook. When I study I get so sleepy and sometimes I need to wash my face. We have good food here. We often eat fish curry.”  KYT (Than Hla’s Dormitory)

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