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Xmas Flyer

This year, give a chicken for Christmas.

It’s the perfect gift; it doesn’t need to be wrapped, it will surely surprise, and most importantly, it is guarenteed to make someone smile.

This holiday season, Room to Grow is raising money to support Agape, a very special school for children on the border between Thailand and Burma. (To find out more about the project, click here.) It is a special place because although the children come from some of the worst conditions in the area, the school is full of smiles and singing and the sounds of laughter.

There is no time when the children are more happy than when they are eating. Room to Grow believes that children need nutritious food in order to be healthy and happy and to learn and aims to provide children with three meals a day and protein twice a week.

This year, with the help of our donors, we built a mushroom shed and a chicken house at the school and watched the children raise their first pig. Producing their own food helps increase the quality of their meals and reduces the money required to buy food. The mushrooms, chickens and pigs have been a great success and with your help, we are hoping to expand both this year.

Room to Grow believes in building connections between donor communities and communities here on the border and communicates with donors by letter and email. We send videos, photos and letters about activities to our donors throughout the year. Please provide us with the contact information of those for whom you are making your donation to ensure they will enjoy their gift all year.

Donations can be made by paypal ( by transfering funds to our bank account (CIBC Golden, BC., Canada. Transit # 00350.  Account #1821113), or by sending a cheque made out to “R2G Children’s Foundation” to the address below.  Happy Holidays!!

R2G Children’s Foundation
2141 Batten Road
Golden, BC
V0A 1H1. Canada.

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