January Update

Kids playing at Kyaw Kyaw’s Dorm

It’s been a busy couple of months, which is why the January Update is getting online much later than it should be. Many of the workers were on vacation, but the children in the dorms had a busy month and here’s what they’ve been up to.

At the end of December, students celebrated school holidays. On December 12th, many students celebrated Karen New Year Day. On December 12th, all students under the age of 15th from Section 13 Dormitory participated in a football competition (known to North Americans as Soccer). In addition, other students at the dorm participated in a traditional Karen dance as part of camp-wide celebrations.

Both male and female students in Mohn Kyaw Kyaw’s dorm participated in the New Year’s football celebrations.

By January 7th, the students were back in classes and working hard in school. Already in January, they had started worrying about exams, which will happen in March. “We need more candles,” the children reported, the warm glow of the lights being spotted in between the bamboo walls of the dorm late into the night.

In January, our In-Camp Coordinator gave a special speech to the students in the Section 13 Dormitory. Almost every week, Mohn Than Hla, the dormitory leader either invites a special guest or speaks to the boys there about a different topic, generally encouraging them in their studies. In January, Eh Say spoke to the boys about the importance of Education. A few students had difficulty in their December examinations and Eh Say spoke with them about getting help for their next exams.

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